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Wiinberg Frost is a consulting company in field of Tactical Communication a framework based on the science of behavioural- and emotional intelligence 


Whether we want it or not all of us are leaking both verbal and non-verbal cues of unintended information all the time. Most often we leak more information than we realise, unfortunately for the receiver, much more information than he or she realises.

We provide training to corporations, organisations and individuals in Tactical Communication and deception detection. How to collect and analyse cues of unintended information from your counterpart's verbal and non-verbal communication and how to uncover the truth and how to investigate effectively. In sales or social interacions we train our clients in how to use the same information to behaviourally influence their counterpart in negotiations and business situations. Futher more we train them in how to connect and reinforce relations with business associates.

We make sure that when the stakes are high, you have the tools in order for you to make the right decisions in the particular situation you are in whether it's in a negotiation, business meeting or in a social interaction.

We give a wide range of keynote speakings and workshops in Tactical Communication and how to analyse people's unintended behaviour: e.g. body language, facial expressions, influence and statement analysis etc.. We have consulted luxury brands on how to connect, influence and create instant connection with their customers, and taught cabin crew how to analyse people's emotional state based on their facial expressions. All our work is conducted professionally and confidentially.



Jasper Frost

Behavioural Analysis & Emotional Intelligence

Jasper Frost is leading trainer in the fields of Tactical Communication and behavioural intelligence.

He is specialised in deception detection and Tactical Communication a framework he has developed based on the science of behavioural analysis and emotional intelligence. He provide training and assists corporations, law enforcement and individuals to make sure that in business or social interactions or when the stakes are high, his clients have the most accurate information as possible available in order for them to make the right decision in that particular situation.

Jasper is trained by Janine Driver, The Black Swan Group, Paul Ekman International, Robert Cialdini, Richard Bandler and The EIA Group.

From human connection, verbal-and non-verbal intelligence to behavioural analysis and deception detection training, Jasper brings a unique set of skills to help his clients acquire the tools they need in order to succeed. His training sessions on Tactical Communication and deception detection is based on the practical application of scientific research in the area of behavioural and emotional intelligence.



Josefine Wiinberg

Behavioural Analysis & Emotional Intelligence

Josefine is director and co-founder of Wiinberg Frost and she is a trained professional within Tactical Communication, behavioural- and emotional intelligence.

Josefine is also the co-creator of the framework Tactical Communication which is based on the science of behavioural analysis and emotional intelligence.

With her constant positive mindset Josefine motivates and inspires the people around her. She has an AP degree in Hospitality & Service Management from Copehagen Business Academy and a Bachelor of Business from University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia taking on subjects within international business, consumer behaviour and international marketing.