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"Pharmaceutical academics are strong when it comes to professionalism, but most often novices when it comes to creating new relationships, both private and professional. Jasper Frost manages to put words into the difficult art of meeting and interacting with people and he provides concrete tools for Operation "Presence and Network, balanced with the right amount of well-placed proximity."

Lene Hansen, Board member Pharma Denmark.


Due to covid-19 ALL international keynotes, seminars, and workshops have been cancelled

The body language and deception detection lecture "Am I lying?" is returning in 2022, however, it will only be available Denmark.

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Get the unique tools you need to succeed

Maybe you work with people on a daily basis and want to increase you knowledge within behavioural and emotional intelligenge or maybey you just have a personal interest in why people do what they do?

Keynotes, Seminars, and Workshops

Non-verbal communication such as body language and facial expressions can reveal a person’s emotional state and true thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Do you know that most people miss important cues of information from their counterpart simply because they don't have the skills to see, hear or analyse other people's verbal or non-verbal behaviour?

In our busy lives you want effective training that works and skills you can apply straight away. We provide individual training to improve your skills within Tactical Behavioural Analysis, Situational Awareness, Emotional Intelligence and Deception Detection.

All keynotes and workshops can be facilitated in English or Danish.

Tactical Behavioural Analysis for Law enforcement and Security - Predict and Identify

A framework on how to proactively identify threats from any anyone, based on cues of your surroundings and human behaviour. This is an on-the-spot method on how to proactively predict and identify threats. This method can be used by any individual wherever you are and in real-time. In Tactical Behavioural Analysis we don't use previous information gathered from crimes or attacks similar to criminal profiling, our main focus is to increase our situational awareness in order to prevent and be proactive of the event from ever happening.

The course includes:

  • Introduction on human behaviour
  • Situational awareness
  • Baseline tools & anomalies
  • Body language gestures
  • High-stakes decision making
  • Identify threats
  • Situational awareness
  • Clusters & language of profiling


Unmask Hidden Facial Messages

Understanding and the recognition of facial expressions gives you the upper hand on your counterpart. Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, contempt and surprise, are the 7 emotions with universal facial expression, and are all given off involuntarily, in less than a quarter of a second revealing a person’s true feelings. 

You will learn how to reliable science to recognise truth, lies, and emotions in others.

The course includes:

  • Introduction on emotional intelligence
  • Understand how emotions work
  • Emotion awareness
  • Universal triggers
  • Recognise emotions in others
  • Characteristics of emotions


Tactical Behavioural Analysis for Business

Tactical Behavioural Analysis, TBA, consists of a framework based on the science of behavioural and emotional intelligence. The model is divided into four elements. Each unique element can stand alone and solve specific tasks, however, if you combine them all you got a unique package of tools for every situation, from sales and recruiting to business interactions, contract negotiation and deception detection. 

TBA gives you a unique insight in to why people do what they do. You will be able to analyse other peoples' verbal and non-verbal behaviour, understand how to influence others, how to negotiate and how to create new meaningful relations - all this in an ethical way.

The course includes:

  • Introduction on Tactical Behavioural Analysis
  • 7 Strategies on how to influence & persuade your counterpart
  • Body language & biometrics
  • The 7 emotions with universal facial expressions
  • Statement analysis basics


S/he is just not into you - or what?

To be clear: Love is your biological foundation - apart from your ancestral legacy. Some people are luckier when it comes to finding love than others, but if luck hasn't been running your way, a bit of knowledge on human behavioural patterns and emotional intelligence might just be what you need to give it a push in the right direction. I can't promis you Mr. or Ms. Right, but what I can promise you, that after this keynote or workshop, you will have learned skills that will change your dating life forever.